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China Installation - Chang Qing Drving School (Citroen Elysee 1.6L)

China Chang Qing Driving School aimed to reduce raising fuel cost by installing FST into their Citroen Elysee 1.6L for new drivers. The installation is very straight forward and done in less than an hour by ouir local mechanic.

China Installation - Mazda 8 2.3L MPV

We have installed Broquet FST for this Mazda 8 2.3L MPV around end of Nov 2012 in China. After 1 month, we asked the owner whether Broquet FST works for him.


Our dear client replied that he knew Broquet FST makes the difference for his Mazda 8 the moment he drives it after installing. According to him, before installing Broquet FST, when he let go the brake paddle (without pressing the accelerater) when the car is idling, it can hardly moves. After installing Broquet FST, his Mazda 8 is able to move when he let go the brake paddle from stationary position.


What is happening is that Broquet FST achieved a more complete combustion for this Mazda 8, therefore releasing more energy from the burning fuel.


China Installation - Fu Min (Foreign Language) School

China Fu Min (Foreign Language) School had installed Broquet FST for 3 of their 40-seater buses.


After 3 months of testing, Fu Min (Foreign Language) School managed to conclude that after installing Broquet FST, they are able to save an average of 15% per month for the fuel consumption

China Installation - Nissan NV200 1.6L

This is one of our latest installation in China for a Nissan NV200 light commercial vehicle with 110bhp. After installation, the owner of the NV200 went for a test drive and immediately praised the difference he felt (This is the normal feedback from our clients). He wouldn't believe that such a small device can makes a big different in his driving pleasure.

Vinaxuki 1.3 Tons Truck

This is the FST that was installed yesterday on a Vinaxuki 1.3 tons truck. This truck is actually a China made Jinbei with a 2.15 liter turbo diesel engine. It's surprisingly low power producing only 42 KW. The engine was hunting before the installation. After the installation the engine was idling smoothly and vibration was greatly reduced. Black smoke was also visibly reduced.

Malaysia Installation - Porsche Cayenne 3.6L

Porsche Cayenne 3.6L with almost 290bhp, installed with FST.

Malaysia Installation - BMW 523 F10 2.5L

One of our latest installation done with BMW 523 F10 2.5L.

China Installation - Honda Accord 2.4 iVtec

Our team currently project in China, installing for our China customer for his Honda Accord 2.4L iVtec to improve the quality of the fuel combustion.

China Installation - Hyundai Elantra 1.6L

One of our latest installation in China, customer aimed to improve overall engine performance and fuel saving with FST.

China Installation - VW Jetta 2.0L

Another of our customer in China, installing FST for his aging VW Jetta 2.0L. Immediately customer feedback that the engine is more smooth and responsive.

Malaysia Installation - BMW E60 520d

Recent installation for a BMW E60 520d. Client reported an average of 10% fuel saving while driving the car around KL. The pre -FST installation Fuel Consumption was 7.3L/100km. After FST installation is 6.3L/100km. Reading taken from the vehicle's computer display. Moreover, engine feels so much more responsive and smooth.

Vietnam Australia Environment S.J.Co. (VINAUSEN) - Izusu 5.1 Tons Truck

Vietnam Australia Environment S.J.Co. (VINAUSEN) is one of the leading waste treatment and environmental consultant in Vietnam. As part of their effort to reduce carbon footprint. VINAUSEN have installed FST to their Izusu truck to reduce fuel consumption and black smoke. As FST also help in prolonging the lifespan of the engine, VINAUSEN will also benefit from the lower truck maintenance cost in the long run.

Saigon Beer Komatsu Forklift 2.5Tons Installation

Saigon Beer from Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, once again turned to Broquet to lower their operating cost for their fleet of Komatsu FD25T-16 2.5Tons Forklifts.


Broquet FST system were installed into a total of 9 Komatsu Forklifts to reduce the overall diesel usage. The whole installation took less than a day to complete. Initial feedback from factory owner reported that the black smoke from the exhaust is reduced by a lot.


After the initial success of saving 14.5% in the fuel for their Komatsu Forklifts, Saigon Beer have enlisted the help of us to install our FSTs into another 9 units of their forklifts - this time for 2.5 tons Mitsubishi Forklifts in their Hoang Quynh Brewery in Vinh Loc Industrial Estate, Ho Chi Minh.


Saigon Beer have informed us that they will be installing into the rest of their 25 breweries

Pan Malaysia Bus Operators Association

We are very honored to be invited by Y.Bhg.Datuk Mohamad Ashfar Ali, President of Pan Malaysia Bus Operators Association, on 8 March, to present our Total Fuel Solutions to PMBOA members at Ipoh.


Broquet (M) Sdn Bhd had agreed to test 2 of the buses from the members. We will update the result once the trial starts.

Broquet Installed in Isuzu 4.3L Diesel Truck

Broquet FST System was installed to this Isuzu 4.3L truck. The company aims to reduce their overall operating cost by achieving fuel saving with their fleet of trucks.


After the trial test, the operater reported an average saving of 14%, not bad for a truck which already done 746,000 km. 


Try multiplying the saving with 12 months!!

Bentley Continental GT 6.0L Twin Turbo

This is one of our latest installations with Bentley Continental GT 6.0L Twin Turbo engine. Owner of this Bentley used to pump RON97 petrol. After installing our FST System, the owner is able to use RON95 petrol without suffering any loss in performance. While at the same time, FST System helps to prevent carbon and gum deposits from building up in the engine.



Another one of our many satisfied customers who have converted to using RON95 WITHOUT LOSS IN PERFORMANCE and SAVING MONEY.

Renault Truck with 385bhp

Teo Tuan Kwee Sdn Bhd started to transport Palm Oil Product for Palm Oil Refinery Company and Palm Oil Mill Estate to and from the factory, and also the Malaysia`s major port for import and export purposes.


Currently they have installed Broquet FST System to one of their Renault truck with 385bhp.


Teo Tuan Kwee Sdn Bhd management reported a total diesel saving of 9.98%!!

Honda CRV 2.0 Broquet Installation

Honda CRV 2.0L with 150bhp installed with Broquet, installation done withnin 2 hrs (See red box). Client travelling mainly outstation from KL to JB.

Naza Kia Forte 1.6 SX Broquet installation

New Naza Kia 1.6 SX installed Broquet to improve power and fuel consumption. Installation done within 2 hrs (See red circle).

Saigon Beer Installed Broquet Again for Their New Purchased Delivery Trucks.

Vietnam Saigon Beer ordered another 75 units of Broquet for their 245 bhp and 260 bhp China made Dong Feng trucks. To date the company have FITTED Broquet to 243 units of trucks, making them the LARGEST BROQUET POWERED FLEET in the world!!

Tata Daewoo Novus 20 Tons Dump Truck (400bhp) with 22% Fuel Saving!!

Latest fuel saving report from our Manila installation. FST managed to achieve an overwhelming of 22% fuel saving with Toplis Solutions.


The trial was done by comparing 2 Tata Daewoo Novus 20 Tons Dump Truck (400bhp). One (PQS 859) with FST installed and the other (PQS 849) without. Both trucks are travelling almost the same route and carrying almost the same weight everyday.


After a trial period of one month, the data collected were compared with each other. Truck (PQS 859) with FST installed managed to achieve an average of 851.31km per full tank, while truck (PQS 849) only managed to achieve an average of 698.85km per full tank.


That is an amazing 22% fuel saving!!


Please take note that all data recording are done by Toplis Solutions management.


For more information and full data recording, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Malaysia Installation - Mazda6 2.0L Sport Sedan

One of the our latest installation done on Mazda 6 2.0L.

China Installation - SF Express Izusu FVR Truck

Latest installation for our client in China, Shenzhen. Immediately after installation, the driver noted that the truck feels more responsive!! Moreover, the exhaust also starts to drip water!! Which further proved that the combustion more complete.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, S.F. Express (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as S.F. Express) have been providing domestic and international express delivery solutions to a wide array of customers since their establishment in 1993.

Since its establishment, S.F. Express has been committed to improving service quality and to satisfying market demands. It has built an extensive business unit covering research and development, logistics, pickup & delivery network, etc. which spans the nation (including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan). At the same time, its international network has been actively expanding. Its service network now covers Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and the United States.

Malaysia Installation - Land Rover 4.6L HSE

This is one of the latest installation for Land Rover 4.6L HSE. Client is a repeated customer who had installed FST for his Mercedes and BMW before.

Malaysia installation - Proton Exora 1.6L Bold with CFE Engine

Another of our latest installation with a modified Proton Exora 1.6L Bold with almost 180bhp. Owner of this powerful Exora installed FST to improve fuel saving and overall power.

Vietnam Installation - Mazda Premacy 1.8 Auto

Another one of our latest Vietnam installation for Mazda Premacy 1.8 Auto. Owner of this Mazda Premacy immediately pointed out that the engine feels more responsive and the car feels lighter.

Malaysia Installation - Audi A4 1.8T

Broquet installation done on a Audi A4 1.8T to take advantage of using RON95 which is RM0.9 cheaper per litre as compared to RN97. 


Broquet was also previously installed into client`s Toyota Camry 2.4L

Mtisubishi Pajero Sport VGT 2.5L

A new installation for a new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport VGT 2.5L with 178bhp.


Users of FST for the previous models of Pajero will clearly appreciate the effect of FST with their diesel engine. Especially when using our local Euro 2 standard diesel. Users feedback that the diesel engine is more responsive, no power lagging and minimal black smoke, which clearly demonstrates a more complete combustion with FST.

Broquet Installed in Mazda2 1.3L

We just installed another Mazda2 1.3L from DynoPack in Philippines Manila.

Malaysia Installation - Land Rover Defender 2.5L

One of the rare 4 x4 model around Malaysia. Broquet was installed to assist a more complete combustion with our Euro2 standard diesel.

Hyundai 18,000kg Fuel Tanker Model HD320 installed FST

Another satisfied customer, Hoang Nguyen from Vietnam, Ho Chi Min, installed Broquet in their Hyundai 18,000kg Fuel Tanker Model HD320.

Broquet Installed in Nissan Urvan 2.7

Broquet (M) Sdn Bhd recently flew to Philippines Manila to assist our new distributor to install Broquet for their customers. As the cost of petrol and diesel shot up. Most business owners and consumers are looking for ways to save fuel.


Broquet FST system fits perfectly in this regard. The Nissan Urvan 2.7 that we had installed belongs to FX Express Terminal.


Owner of FX Express Terminal already reported that they managed to reduced their diesel consumption up to 30%!! It is important to take note that all the diesel saving reports are monitored and generated by the companies/owners.

Broquet Installed in Nissan Xtrail 2.5L SUV

Another of our customer in Philippines Manila, installing Broquet for his Nissan Xtrail 2.5L SUV.

Ford Ranger 2.5L Diesel Turbo

Recently we completed another installation in Johor Bahru. Owner of this Ford Ranger 2.5L diesel turbo has been complaining about the quality of the local diesel. Finally he has found the permanent solution by installing FST.


Engine immediately felt more responsive, and black smoke reduced after FST installation.

Ho Chi Minh Installation - Mercedes ML350

We have recently installed a Mercedes ML350 in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Very rare model in Malaysia. The customer is very happy with the installation, claiming that he definitely felt the car engine is more responsive and body feels lighter, with the same RON95 petrol he is using.


Currently, owner of this ML350 claimed that he has switched to RON92, and the performance of his ML350 is still the same. He is absolutely delighted and amazed.


For fellow Malaysians, If you are still using RON97 for your car, you might wanna consider to install Broquet so that you can use RON95 confidently. Try it yourself and feel the difference. Not to mention you save almost RM1 per litre now!!

Ho Chi Minh Installation - Chevrolet Captiva 2.4L

Another installation at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. This is a Chevrolet Captiva 2.4L running on petrol. The owner is very happy with the fuel saving result which is around 8% - 10%. Most importantly, he felt that his captiva is more responsive after the Broquet installation. Which is a big plus point for such a heavy vehicle.

Malaysia Installation - Proton Waja 1.6L

This is the testimonial from one of our customer who had installed Broquet for both his Proton Iswara 1.3L and Waja 1.6L:

I installed Broquet into my 2 cars when new because I find anything
that boost the octane rating of the fuel will make the combustion
more complete which equals a cleaner engine and since it`s a one-time
affair not those needing refilling like tablets I decided this is the
best course of action.

In my Proton Iswara 1.3 H/B 2007 when the fuel then was Ron 92, the
power boost was significant. You could feel the power compared with
before installation and I was getting 13.5 km / liter of fuel or 7.41
liters per 100 km on average as I drive in the city and also long
distance choking up 80,000 km in 3 years which is a lot of driving.

My Proton Waja CPS 1.6 2010 has been installed with Broquet in March
2011 and I could not find an obvious change in power yet but it
should keep my engine clean I suppose with its octane converting
catalyst action on the inlet fuel.

Would recommend to friends to start it new for maximum protection and
probably save the environment on your part

Richard Quah

Toan Dat Cong Ty, Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) based company install FST on their Hyundai Oil Tanker.

Toan Dat Cong Ty currently installed FST on it`s Hyundai 355PS 10 wheeler 20,000 lit capacity Oil Tanker. Our target is to save 10% fuel for the installed vehicle. Toan Dat Cong Ty was impressed with our Saigon Beer project which FST were installed to 180 Saigon Beer`s trucks.  Each truck returns approxiately 12% fuel saving on average.

For more information, pls do not hesitate to contact us.

Malaysia Installation - Alphard 3.5L MPV

We have installed Broquet FST System for this Toyota Alphard 3.5L petrol MPV. Our client claimed that this large MPV easily consume about 50L to 60L of petrol per day when driving in city.


To lower the petrol cost, Broquet FST System is installed to enable this Alphard to switch to RON95 without suffering drop in engine performance as compared to using RON97 (which is almost RM1 more expensive per Litre).



Malaysia Installation - BMW 525 E60

This is an installation for a BMW E60 525. The FST was installed at the undercarriage of the vehicle as the engine bay is too packed.


Owner of this BMW E60 525 hopes to achieve fuel saving with FST as he uses almost RM3,000 of petrol every month!!

Amazing 20% Fuel Saving Reported!!

SC Johnson is an American Multinational Company with operations in many countries worldwide. Their product portfolio includes global brands such as Pledge, Duck, Mr. Muscle, Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, Glade, Raid, OFF!, Baygon and Ziploc.


SC Johnson are using diesel for the production plant in Vietnam. Currently their are running trials with Broquet FST to REDUCE FUEL CONSUMPTION as well as to REDUCE EXHAUST EMISSIONS caused by incomplete combustion. Based on the initial finding, SC Johnson had reported an amazing 20% fuel saving!! At the same time, an improvement in production by 30%.


Please contact us for more information.

FST Proven Once Again

Viet Hung Ind Food, Vietnam`s 4th Largest Noodle Factory SAVES 11% on their Fuel Costs with the assistance of FST. This works out to USD680,000 per year!!


Definitely a great news for any business owner who are interested to reduce their operating cost.

Broquet Has Facebook Now!!

Dear customers,

We have just started our facebook account. Follow us to keep in tune with our latest projects!!

Nissan Fairlady 350Z

Installaton done on Nissan Fairlady 350Z. Owner can now use RON95 with any Octane Enhancer, and will not suffer drop in performance.

Broquet Helps to Achieve Fuel Saving for Burner Using LFO, Light Fuel Oil.

Local company, Asphalt Technology Sdn. Bhd. (ATSB) has been established since 1989 with the desire to be the leading Asphalt (bitumen) manufacturer that will develop and deliver top quality products for the Bitumen Industry.


After testing Broquet with the company car, Broquet registered a 12% saving of the petrol used per month. We then install Broquet into the Burner which runs on LFO (Light Fuel Oil). Broquet returns an impressive 10% saving per month.


Since Broquet is maintenance free, it does not add on to the existing operational expenses.

China An Kai Tour Bus 12% fuel Saving with Broquet!!

Broquet manged to help private bus company in Shen Zhen to achieve 12% fuel saving. The bus fitted is China made An Kai 240bhp tour bus.


Mr Lan, director of  Hai Lun Zu Ping You Zian Gong Si, mentioned that he is very satisfied with the testing result, and would recommend to any business owner who is serious about cutting down their operational cost.

Broquet installed for Year 2002 Audi A4 1.8T

Broquet returned an additional 7bhp for an Audi A4 1.8T with a original horsepower of 148bhp. It is approxiately 5% improvement. No further modification or tuning done to the car.


We simply just treat your fuel to achieve a more complete combustion. It is just that simple.

NSX Super Car fitted with Broquet in-tank unit

Broquet is used by Honda NSX owner to solve the pinging and knocking problem when using lower RON petrol. The owner is very happy with the extra bhp that was able to release after installing Broquet.


The engine feels more free and smooth now.

Broquet Roll On with Seng Hong Quarry

Johor Bahru company, Seng Hong Quarry, aimed to reduce their monthly diesel consumption with Broquet. Broquet was fitted to one of their Komatsu WA450 Quarry Shovel to determine how much diesel can Broquet help to save per month. We will update the information as soon as possible.

Broquet on Trial with Excel Concrete

Local company, Excel Concrete, is currently testing Broquet with their Fuso Concrete Mixer. Once again Broquet demotrate it`s versatile ability to work with any Hydrocarbon Fuel engine. We aimed to achieve 8% to 15% fuel saving with Excel Concrete`s fleet of trucks.

GRA Racing Car Fitted with Broquet!!

Broquet has co-sponsor one of the Proton Putra 1.8L racing car to take part in local GRA race. The driver, Adrian Tan expressed that Broquet has help to improve his overall lap time and responsiveness of the engine.

BROQUET Take Part in MME 2008

Broquet Sdn Bhd have the opportunity to become the co-sponsor of Team Empire Motorsport, who is taking part of the MME 2008 with Lotus 2-11. All 3 drivers (Denis Lien/ Ashraff Dewal/ James Mitchell) reserved high comment on Broquet.

Especially Denis Lien, Singapore A1 GP Driver - "If I have a choice, I`d never race without BROQUET!!"

Broquet Participated in Ho Chi Minh Motorshow 2009

Broquet Malaysia is proud to take part in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh Motorshow 2009. This is the first time we participated in any motorshow outside of Malaysia. We are proud to showcase our lastest product during the roadshow. The response is very positive and overwhelming.


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