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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1. What is BROQUET?

BROQUET is a fuel catalyst. It can be easily installed in 40 minutes by fitting it into the fuel line after the fuel filter and before the fuel or diesel rail/carburetor.

Q2. Is BROQUET safe to use?

Yes, BROQUET is absolutely safe to use.

Q3. After installation, will BROQUET damage or affect my car performance?

No, BROQUET is designed to help reduce fuel consumption, improve engine performance and reduce exhaust emissions.

Q4. Will the installation of BROQUET involve dismantling or alterations to my engine?

No. The BROQUET is designed as a 'plug and play' device. Simply install BROQUET on the fuel line and start enjoying the savings. It does not involve any alterations to your car engine.

Q5. What type of vehicle is BROQUET suitable to install?

This state of the art technology is suitable for any type of engine running on petrol and diesel.

Q6. Do I need to maintain BROQUET?

No, BROQUET is maintenance free, once installed it can last up to 400,000KM.

Q7. How quickly does it take effect?

Once it is installed to the engine, BROQUET will immediately start to treat fuel and doesn’t require any maintenance. Immediately you will notice that the engine will feel smoother and much more responsive. The improvement is progressive and depending on the initial condition of the engine, and how it’s driven. It may take up to 2000km for the full benefits and saving to be realized.


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